Revolutionising personnel transportation

From planning efficient trip routes to providing real time trip tracking, we change the way corporates/schools manage trips for their employees/children.

About Us

TripCare is a technology enabled company providing end to end solution for daily trips. We offer our products to corporates, schools and individual cab owners.


Use technology to introduce care for daily trips with complete automation.


Help corporates/schools to achieve cost efficiency and streamline daily trips of their employees/ school children.


We work as your team member rather than usual vendor-customer relationship
Auto Route Planning

Optimized route creation by Artifical Intelligence based proprietary code.

Care for Commuters

Anytime, Anywhere trip booking. Real time GPS based tracking.

Optimized Cost

Complete automation leads to optimization of costs (viz. shorter routes, improved capacity utilization, audit trails for faster decision making etc.).

Data Analytics

Detailed trip histories available for analytics.

Imagine Daily Trips

Simplified with TripCare



  • Booking/updates of your trip on your phone
  • Reduced travel time due to optimized route
  • SOS and grievance redressal feature at a single click


  • Real time tracking: No more waiting time on bus stops for boarding/pickup
  • Trip histories for exact event recording: Mapped to attendance by in-bus coordinator
  • In-app view of driver information

Easily Keep Track
Of Trips & Billing

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to keep track of all your organisational trips and vendor billing? We’ve listened to your requests and we have the answer.

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